Infectious Disease Consultants 

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Hospital Epidemiology & Infection Control

Infectious Disease Consultants Physicians provide Epidemiology and Infection Control services for all local Wichita hospitals, Hutchinson Regional Medical Center, Newton Medical Center, Susan B. Allen Memorial Hospital-Eldorado, KS, William Newton Hospital-Winfield, KS, South-Central Kansas Medical Center, Arkansas City, KS, Wesley Rehabilitation Hospital, and Robert J. Dole Veterans Administration Hospital.  In addition, we provide these services to several Nursing Home facilities in the WIchita area.

Clinical Research

Our Physicians participate in Clinical Research regarding antibiotics, anti-fungals, and medications pertinent to our specialty.  All studies are in cooperation with local Institutional Review Boards and are directed by Federal Drug Administration policy.

Antibiotic Stewardship

As specialists in Infectious Disease, our Physicians adhere to documented scientific antibiotic stewardship as published by the Infectious Disease Society of America.

Chronic Hepatitis B & C Treatment

Infectious Disease Consultants provides the most current treatment in its care of patients with Chronic Hepatitis B & C.  We provide ongoing treatment, education, and training in administering medications for patients with these conditions.

Full Laboratory Testing

Our office utilizes Quest Laboratory as its reference laboratory.  In addition, we have Certified Staff to send specimens to the Kansas Department of Health & Environment, CDC and other specialty laboratories as needed.  If your insurance does not contract with Quest Laboratory or requires you to have your lab drawn by a contracted laboratory, please advise our staff.

Wound Care

IDC Physicians have obtained additional training in Hyperbaric Medicine and Problem Wound Management.  We work with local Wound Care Centers at Wesley Medical Center, Via Christi Regional Medical Center, Newton Medical Center, and  Home Health and Nursing Home facilities.

Follow-up visits

Follow-up visits are scheduled as directed by the Infectious Disease Consultants Physician.  All our Physicians and Physician Assistants have set clinic schedules in the office.

Consultations - Office & Hospital

Our Physicians are consultants in Infectious Disease in the Office, Hospital, Specialty Rehabilitation Centers, and Nursing Home settings.  In the office we work with your Primary Care Physician and/or Specialty Physician to coordinate your care.  Our Physicians provide service at all Wichita Hospitals, Hutchinson Regional Medical Center, Newton Medical Center, Wesley Rehabilitation Hospital and several Nursing Home facilities in the Wichita area.

IV Infusion Therapy
​Your Infectious Disease Consultants Physician will develop a plan of care for you during each office visit.  Should that plan include intravenous medications, you will be introduced to the nursing staff in the infusion center located within the IDC office.  Should you qualify for intravenous medication treatments, the professional staff of Antibiotic Infusion Therapy will inform you of the medication actions and side effects, insertion and care of intravenous catheters, and provide education for self-administering the prescribed medications.  Throughout the treatment period, you will be monitored closely by the clinical staff for therapy success through frequent office visits, assessment of personal response to the treatment, lab results, and additional diagnostic testing.

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